People, information, and networks are coming together as consumers demand the latest technology at their fingertips. Access to reliable connectivity – whether it’s superfast broadband or 4G – has never been more important. CommScope believes the future will see increased wireless usage and mobility as people connect from anywhere, anytime.

CommScope has participated at the Mobile World Congress 2017 with the presence of the Senior Leaders who shared their point of view on future technology trends.

Given the speed of change driven by new technologies such as robotics, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, businesses are doing their best to prepare for the future. CommScope is powering this change through a convergence of network technology, and we’d love to show you how we’re connecting people across the globe.

CommScope is bringing more to #MWC17.
More capacity. More simplicity. More efficiency.

As a world leader in both wireline and wireless infrastructure solutions—as well as the science behind their convergence—CommScope knows that getting ahead depends on getting more from your infrastructure. At Mobile World Conference 2017, CommScope presented solutions that support and leverage this exciting convergence at every level, including:

  • Multibeam & ultrawideband antennas, IMFs and network planning software;
  • The latest MIMO technology;
  • Centralized RAN (C-RAN) innovations;
  • Metro cells;
  • IT infrastructure-convergent DAS and small cells.

It’s CommScope’s mission to deliver more global scale, more breakthrough innovation, more powerful solutions and more value for the world’s most important networks.

Watch Our Solutions experts guiding you through network connectivity solutions which are impacting the world’s infrastructure of today and tomorrow!

Demo Videos

The Metro Cell Solution at #MWC17

Operators need new capacity solutions for dense urban areas, which is what CommScope delivers in its Metro Cell Solution.

Enabling C-RAN Efficiencies at #MWC17

CommScope’s Wes Oxlee describes how to maximize the capacity of existing fiber infrastructure to support deployment of C-RAN networks.

The In-Building Wireless Challenge at #MWC17

To help deploy indoor wireless networks more quickly and reliably, CommScope is sharing its DAS and small cells expertise in the In-Building Wireless Best Practices eBook at #MWC17.

Ultra-Wideband Antenna Systems for MIMO - from #MWC17

Wireless operators deploying 4x4 MIMO to their networks need versatile, ultra-wideband antenna solutions.

Maximizing Capacity from Existing Spectrum with iQ.link at #MWC17

A hot topic at #MWC17 is how to get the most capacity from a network operator’s existing spectrum.

New Developments in MIMO Technology from #MWC17

The evolution of MIMO is addressing today’s need for network capacity, and the march toward 5G.

In-Building Wireless Best Practices eBook

We invite you to have a pre-view of the latest In-Building Wireless Best Practices eBook that covers an in-depth analysis of the technology, strategy and business case for indoor coverage and capacity solutions.

You’ll get an advance look at Chapter Four! Entitled “Choosing the Right Technology,” it explains the case uses for DAS and small cell—where each is strongest, and how both are quickly evolving.

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